SuperMale is a plug-in player model for id Software's Quake 2. SuperMale was modeled and animated in 3DS MAX over the summer of 1998. I spent August 1998 making superhero textures for the model, as well as collaborating with other amateur texture artists across the internet to compile a number of heroic skins for the model before its release. When SuperMale was released in September of 1998 it included 42 skins, 30 of which were mine. The model received a warm welcome by the Quake community and was even rated as 4.5 out of 5 stars by The Quake2 Player Models Pack.

There were several specific things that motivated me while creating this model. The first and foremost motivation was to learn how to model and animate in 3DS MAX. The second motivation came from the humble, unaccelerated computer on which I played quake at the time. I wanted to create a plug-in model that would have a significantly fewer number of polygons yet be visually appealing. The third motivation came from seeing superhero costumes deformed to fit on the standard Quake 2 model. I sought to create a model that would allow for more flexible skinning options.

I feel that I satisfied all of these motivations and more. In creating this model I learned a lot about using 3DS MAX. The model captured the heroic look while using a minimal number of polygons. The final mesh weighed in at 386 triangles - roughly half the complexity of other popular plug-in models. The shape of the mesh, combined with a simplistic approach to its texture mapping, allowed for great versatility in creating textures. The process of creating all those skins also helped me to brush up on my anatomy and PhotoShop skills.

Download SuperMale for Quake 2
Download visual-weapons update for SuperMale